June 1, 2018

Amy and Stephen | Iceland Wedding

Finally!! Do you remember a few months ago when I went to Iceland with some of my best friends, who also happened to be one of my sweet couples?! I had to keep their images under wraps for about a month so that they could be featured in one of our local magazines, so until now, I have not shared anything! I planned to do this a little while ago, but, life.

You may recognize this sweet couple from their surprise proposal or their beautiful engagement session!! If you haven’t seen either, stop what you’re doing and go now. I adore these two and have known Amy half of my life, so I loved every minute of being involved in all of these things.

So, let me give you a quick synopsis of their story which leads to them having their wedding portraits in ICELAND!! After Stephen proposed and him and Amy were making wedding plans, they originally considered eloping, but when it came down to it, this was still something they wanted to share with their closest family and friends. Amy being a very talented Event Designer wanted to do something completely different and had a surprise wedding. We held an “Engagement Party” for these two at Halpatter Brewing, and while their guests were watching a video about Stephen and Amy, which also happened to be filmed during their Engagement Session by Gator Bride Videography, Amy and Stephen quickly changed into their wedding attire. [Side note: you need to go here to see this incredible video…you’re going to cry]. The guests were then instructed into a ceremony area where Stephen and Amy exchanged vows! It really was the best night! So, the next day we all hopped on a plane to Iceland to take one of a kind wedding portraits! I loved that this couple wanted an experience so unique and trusted me to be a part of it all! They now have all of these incredible moments to remember when they look back at their images!

Without further ado, after months and months of waiting, this Iceland Wedding is finally seeing the light of day here on the blog! Amy and Stephen, thank you for allowing me to be part of such your lives! Love you both!






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