September 5, 2018

Durbin Family | Sparks Lake Family Session

Okay, guys – I’m just going to say it. I think family sessions are just better in Oregon. Whew! Glad that’s off my chest! But seriously, I’m not joking. Today I’m telling you all about how I ended up in Oregon and all about this sweet little family! So without further ado, meet the Durbin family!!

For the backstory: back in June, I posted on Instagram about wanting to travel out to the desert for some shoots because I was missing it tremendously. [side note: I have a huge love for the desert and have left pieces of my heart in Phoenix a couple of times] A couple of hours go by and my newly made friend June, a local here in my hometown, commented on it saying “Meet me in Oregon?” That’s all it took for me to quickly reach out to her about the seriousness of this statement. I told her that I would be on a plane whenever!! She told me the dates that she would be out there and thankfully my schedule was open!! I quickly purchased my plane ticket and was in shock that this was actually happening. It’s crazy when you put something out into the universe and everything conspires together to make it happen! Seriously, the first step of creating new aspects of HFP.

I met June, David and little Remmie at Sparks Lake in Bend, Oregon a few weeks back for their family session. I mean, nothing says pressure like flying clear across the country to take someone’s portraits! I was pumped though!! Such an honor for someone to trust in you that much, but again, pressure. Haha! We were blessed with one gorgeous day, too! I didn’t know how little Miss Remmie would do because it took her about 15-20 minutes to warm up, but after that, she was a HAM!! She loved picking up rocks and throwing them into the water. She wasn’t very interested in having her picture taken, that is until I began taking pictures of just mom and dad! Then she became a professional photo-bomber. But seriously, it was quite comical! Probably some of my favorite images from this session is her running through the frame. When Remmie wasn’t busy running through the picture, we were able to create some stunning portraits of just June and David! And again, they are some of my favorites to date! But I mean, how can they not be?! Beautiful family + gorgeous scenery = winning! This little family is super sweet and I’m so glad they invited me out to document this time in their lives!!

June and David, it was such a privilege spending the evening with you guys!! Thank you so much for having me out in Oregon with y’all!! I hope you enjoy your family photos for many years to come!






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