October 10, 2017

Madisen and Garrin | Big Talbot Engagement Session

You guys know that I love all of my Seniors! I love getting to know them and hear the plans that they have for their future! They are all unique and special…but what’s even more special is not only seeing these bright minds at the beginning of their adult life, but being a part of the next journey in their life. That being said, you may recognize this handsome young man as one of my first Seniors from a couple of years back. He’s just the sweetest and his session is still one of my favorites to date! He was such a trooper through two sessions, but my favorite is still the images we created in the water at St. Augustine Beach.

A few weeks back, Garrin’s mom, Tennille, reached out about capturing the moment when Garrin proposed to Madisen. It didn’t end up working out for me to be there, but they immediately contacted me about the big day and to get them on the books for an engagement session! I was so thrilled to not only meet up again with this family, but to meet the lucky gal, Madisen! They decided that they wanted to have a beach engagement session and to go to Big Talbot Island in Jacksonville. I adore this place! Sometimes it can be a little tricky to actually get down to the beach depending on the hill. However, this time, it was easy to get down. One tip though, if you go during the hot season, you may just want to go ahead and equip yourself with bug spray. On the trail going and coming from the beach, we battled pterodactyl-sized mosquitos. It was serious. So you’re welcome for that tip [that one is on the house]. I love this little piece of beach not only because of the weathered trees that have fallen, but because of how peaceful it is. Let me not lie, anytime I smell the salty air and hear the waves, it’s like a calming sweeps right over my soul. This is no different, but it’s better because there’s usually not that many visitors!

Madisen and Garrin decided that he would don his Army Uniform for part of the session. I couldn’t have been more stoked about it! I just love Military Uniforms and am so thankful for those who serve. These two were so much fun and so sweet! You can see the way they look at each other that they really love one another! It was such a pleasure not only getting to visit with Garrin again but to begin getting to know Madisen. She is just a doll! Both Madisen and Garrin’s moms tagged along for the afternoon. Now I know what you may be thinking, “a parent at an engagement session?!” Though this is very rare to happen, they added so much more fun to the session and there wasn’t one bit of awkwardness at all. Madisen’s mom, Shannon, said to me that she told Madisen not long after her and Garrin started dating that she knew they would get married. I’m a total believer in “you know when you know!” It didn’t take me long at all to know that I would marry Jonny, and here we are 13 years later, married 11. We were just babies ourselves!

Madisen and Garrin, I cannot wait for your big day in March! I know it’s going to be absolutely perfect!! Y’all are just the sweetest together and I’m looking forward to seeing you two begin your lives together! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your story!






  1. Bobbie Slaughter

    October 10th, 2017 at 10:04 am

    These pictures are perfect you did amazing job on them .
    I’m so glad Garrin and Madisen ask you to take them .
    As one of Garrin’s grandmothers I have to agree with your Statement about Garrin he is precious and it seems like yesterday we were just looking at his graduation pictures you took that were just as amazing. You captured both the love and chemistry between Garrin
    and Madisen . Thank you for preserving these
    Precious moments and being apart of this next journey
    In Garrin and Madisen life.

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