August 8, 2017

Summer Wednesday Night Shenanigans

Guys…I have a secret! I’ve been sneaking around on Wednesday nights…with friends…to the bowling alley! I kid you not! It’s been a pretty uneventful summer, except that one week Jonny and I hopped mostly across the pond to Iceland! However, what you probably do not know is that we joined a bowling league. That’s right, we’re professional¬†average at best bowlers! This is our story and how it all began!

One Friday night in May, Jonny and I were out with a couple of friends at our local bowling alley lobbing balls at pins, when our friend, John, thought that we should have a summer activity and join a bowling league. We were in luck since the summer league was starting the very next Wednesday! Talk about timing! So it was decided that our brewery [Halpatter Brewing] would form a team – so we wrangled in one of our other owners, Chris, to round out our 4 person team. And the rest is history. Our league bowled for 10 weeks straight; we made new friends, shared a ton of laughs and had a beer or two. You may be wondering how we finished. We finished 11th!! …out of 12 teams!! We’d made our way all the way up to 9th place the 2nd to last week, but I’m not sure what happened to that. Regardless, it was an amazing time. So amazing, that we are doing it all over again, this fall/winter – for the next 32 Thursdays of our lives! Last week was awards week and then we played 9 Pin just for fun – at least that’s what I thought until they started issuing winnings for that. I somehow managed to not show up with my “A-Game” that night and conveniently was terrible enough to “win” “Worst Bowler in the Series.” Now let me add, this was just for this night because I know for certain I beat others throughout those 10 weeks…just sayin’! But hey, I laughed and accepted my $5!

Here’s a little secret about me that you wouldn’t know unless we went to high school together, and there’s a good chance that you probably still do not know this about me, but I was on the Varsity Bowling Team! Yes, that’s right, Varsity. To be fair, there wasn’t a JV team…haha! You may be wondering how this happened. You see, when I was in High School, it was required for every student to take part in P.E., or you could earn your credits by lettering in a Varsity sport for two years. I loved being athletic and all, but loathed PE, especially since it didn’t hold the same credit value like Honors or AP Classes…yes, I was totally that person in high school. So, when my friends and I learned that our favorite of all favorite teachers, Mr. Joye, was the bowling coach, we signed up and became the newest members of the CHS Lady Tigers Varsity Bowling Team! It was a great time with my best friends! We weren’t the best, but we had fun.

So this is just a little fun hobby that my husband, Jonny, and I now share together! We start back up the first week of September and I cannot wait! Hopefully, we’ll continue getting better this next season!!






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