January 30, 2018

Lindsay and Jerry | Kanapaha Gardens Engagement Session

Oh friends, this is a special one for me! This sweet couple here is one that I absolutely adore!! I have known Lindsay for almost half of my life, dating back to school and sitting in French class together. Oh you didn’t know I’m fluent in français? Don’t worry, about all I can remember is Je m’appelle Holly. It was a fun class; also French III and IV were Honors classes, so of course I had to take it [remember, I’m a nerd]. Anyway, back to Lindsay and Jerry! I remember Lindsay telling me about Jerry and how they were about to embark on their first date together, which I’m pretty sure was on, or about Valentine’s Day, two years ago. They have been inseparable ever since! They knew right away that the other was the “one”! Back in November, I had just come back into town from an out of state elopement and look down to my phone and see that Jerry is FaceTiming me. I honestly thought nothing of it and answered the phone. It didn’t take long for him to spill that he and Lindsay were engaged! I was so excited for these two, but then I had to beat him up a little for not calling me to capture the proposal. He thought I was out of town still on an elopement, but I was actually just down the road from where he proposed [which was at their house that they are renovating together]. I was so excited and we quickly set a date for their wedding, because you know, spring wedding dates go quickly!

Lindsay and Jerry are so much fun together, and I knew their engagement session would be just that. We went down to Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville. Fun fact: one of my first sessions ever was with Lindsay’s family at Kanapaha! Kanapaha is a cute little place that is gorgeous during the spring when everything begins to bloom. Honestly though, the winter doesn’t really disappoint either! As we began our session, it was beautiful lighting and just sparkly, but then, the clouds washed right across the sun. Then the sun would peek in and out, and then it went gray. Really, it was playing with my emotions. As we were about to close out their session, we were met with gorgeous golden light!! So, we ended up having a little moody light and a little bit of glowy light, so kind of a perfect little mix!

Lindsay and Jerry, I had such a great afternoon with you two…especially when we treated ourselves afterwards to Mochi! You guys are so much fun and I love the way you love each other!! I cannot wait to see y’all become husband and wife in April!! It’ll be here before we know it!!



P.S. – Watch out for the “awkward engagement photo!”




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