September 4, 2019

Rebecca and Colin | Oregon Maternity Session

This could very well be one of my favorite shoots ever…for many reasons! Aside from the ever FREAKING GORGEOUS coast of Oregon, you may recognize this beautiful couple from their surprise proposal | engagement session last summer in Oregon! If not, you should peek back in on it here! Though separated by many miles, Rebecca and Colin are literally some of my favorites! At any given moment, I could see myself being their neighbor! Haha!

Here’s a little backstory for you! I’ve know Rebecca now for over six years!! We met in 2013 at a photography workshop, where she stalked me on Facebook and then after figuring out that I wasn’t a complete psycho, asked if I would want to room with her. I said “yes”, and I’m so glad all these years later that I did. I’ve had the privilege of shooting a couple of weddings with this girl when she lived in Florida and now have been a part of two big milestones in her and Colin’s life in Oregon!

I was stoked to have the opportunity to head back to Oregon this summer to meet with Rebecca and Colin in this new season of life that they’re in! Their story is a little different than you may expect, and because of that, I’m doing things a little differently here on the Blog today! I’ve asked Rebecca to write a little more about her story and this pregnancy, because honestly, she’s days away from her first miracle entering this world! She’s experienced loss and heartache, something that you would never wish on anyone. But now, I’ve seen her overjoyed and radiant! Though I’ve never experienced a miscarriage [let alone a pregnancy], I know it’s more common than some may let on and that you are not alone!! This is why I reached out to Rebecca for her words. I hope that if you’re reading this and are in a difficult season with trying to get pregnant, or even if you’ve been exactly in Rebecca’s shoes and experienced loss, that it speaks to you! Or even if this is not you, that it still speaks to you like it does me!

From Rebecca:

“The joy that’s overflowing in my heart was preceded by 6 long years of yearning for motherhood, years of being a mom to angel babies that I would never physically cherish. It’s been quite the roller coaster (hormones don’t help), but what a blessing to feel this baby girl growing inside of me every day. 

Getting pregnant after a loss (or two) is so damn scary. The morning of January 15th wasn’t a normal one- I was away at a work conference, had woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and when morning rolled around, I woke up with bright veins in my chest area. I knew. I took a test and waited. Then cried. Hard. Uncontrollably. I wasn’t crying tears of joy- they were tears of fear, tears for the unknown, tears of anticipating failure all over again. The anxiety and fear literally stripped the joy out of this experience. I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate. It wasn’t real, and if it was, the same thing would probably happen as before.

If I could share one bit of advice, it’d be not to go through the trying times alone. It’s easy to feel isolated in the beginning when you’re keeping the big “secret.” But why are we keeping this in at all? First trimester anxiety is freaking wild. Society tells you not to tell anyone of your pregnancy until you’re in the “safe zone” because the chances of miscarriage are so high. In reality, this tactic has completely halted the conversation around miscarriage. Having a support system that celebrates AND grieves with you makes all the difference in the world. Surround yourself with a tribe that will celebrate your victories and grieve your losses. Break the stigma, tell your circle before the 13 week mark, allow yourself to be lifted in whatever way you need. The journey is tough enough, don’t go through it alone.

What does it mean to you and Colin to have been able to document this time in your life?

To us, it means the world to be able to even have this opportunity- especially when we didn’t know it’d be possible. This pregnancy has brought us closer – we’ve shared deep fears and anxieties we never knew existed, we moved into our forever home, we traveled, and made a pact to not lose ourselves or our relationship in the process. 

Capturing all of that in these photos will remind us to always go back to this connection we have – even during late night feedings, diaper blowouts, and toddler tantrums. It’ll be an amazing album to flip through when we’re telling Isla about her life starting in Mama’s belly. Having this special, sacred time captured for our growing family truly makes us overwhelmed with gratitude to be bringing a little blessing into this world. And for that, we’re forever thankful. – Rebecca and Colin

Thank you, Rebecca, for your openness and willingness to share! Through all of your heartache, I am so excited to see that the desires of your heart to become a mother are now being fulfilled! And thank you to both Rebecca and Colin for inviting me to be a part of their journey! I absolutely love and consider it an honor to capture a piece of your story!! I know you both will make the most amazing parents!! I cannot wait to meet your sweet baby girl!





  1. Eddy Baez

    September 4th, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    Beautiful is all I can come up with. Grandpa waiting. Praise the Lord. God is Great.

  2. Maria

    September 5th, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Beautiful takes! My favorite are the close ups against the rock – especially the one the beautiful mom is looking at us… you did it Rebecca, congratulations to you & hubby

  3. Rebecca

    September 5th, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you for capturing such a special time for us!

  4. Maria & Erly

    September 6th, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    They are beautiful pictures, just like you are not only outside, but more important inside. God bless you, your husband and your precious baby! Love you!????

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