July 26, 2019

Santa Fe River Ranch

There’s a three mile paved road in what feels like the middle of nowhere. It’s peaceful as you drive through the never ending canopy of trees, really taking in what it means to be in the country. It’s down this winding road that you will find not only one, but two of North Florida’s premier Wedding venues! Welcome to Santa Fe River Ranch and soon to be home of Valley View at Santa Fe River Ranch!

Santa Fe River Ranch is by far one of the most gorgeous venues in North Florida. It’s pristine! The views and options here are endless! Now, you may be thinking, “Holly, SFRR is just another barn”. I’m here to tell you, it. is. not. What makes Santa Fe River Ranch unique is that it is a barn unlike any other. You enter the barn at Santa Fe under a covered open area that can be used for either cocktail hour or a ceremony area (which is especially handy for bi-polar Florida weather). Past this area, you will be greeted by the bar for your wedding. This is nice because it does not interfere with taking away space from your reception area. Also, at the bar area, they include a small refrigerator and 4 tap kegerator. This in my opinion is quite the added bonus! Just past the bar, you will be greeted by two grand and beautiful wooden doors. These doors lead to your gorgeous reception space! Did I mention that it’s a climate controlled space that can seat up to 300 of your best family and friends?! This. Is. Huge!! Being in North Florida, as you can imagine get’s a little, let’s just say warm. What’s nice about this venue is that you can have your outdoor ceremony, whether it’s under the barn or in front of their famous oak tree, but you can retreat to an air conditioned space to dance your night away! There’s not many places that have this luxury in our area. If you do not think it’s that big of a deal, I’m here to tell you…IT IS! I really could go on and on about that, but we can save that for later. Also, here at the Ranch, there’s a house for the Bride to get ready and a groom’s room. Everything can be accomplished right here on property. There is no need for some people to be at this house or hotel, and others to be here. No, this really is an all-encompassing venue!

Now that I’ve give you a short walk through of the venue, let’s talk about some other things that are really important to share; that really make Santa Fe River Ranch shine. Sure, this venue is amazing, but beyond that is the staff and owners. The Ranch is owned and operated by the lovely and local, Hitchcock family. They opened their doors to weddings over 7 years ago and have been providing quality service ever since. They are a venue constantly learning and refining in order to continuously provide exceptional service to every person that walks through their doors. Jake, who handles the bookings, goes above and beyond to ensure all aspects of your day flow. He and his team are very involved from the minute you book SFRR to the moment you leave. They are hands on in knowing all about your day, from your vendor team, decorations, expectations, etc. After 7 years of maxed out yearly weddings, they know a thing or two about service and running a wedding day efficiently! They have several packages for you to choose from, whether it’s just the venue or all the way to having an all-inclusive package where they go ahead and book your vendors as well. This team is really about you having the most perfect and stress-free wedding day! At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – having vendors who are in your corner and wanting to serve you to the best of their abilities.

All of this to say, that if you’re looking for something special and amazing, look no further than Santa Fe River Ranch! Just one thing to note, they do book up pretty quickly, as you can see why, but they also only accept 32-35 weddings per year (and no bookings from July-September). So, if you’re considering booking, I highly recommend getting your contract signed and date locked in!!

A little tip: if your date is booked for SFRR, do not fret, as they are almost finished with their other venue, Valley View at SFRR (which I’ve had the pleasure of touring). They are accepting bookings for this gorgeous venue and let me tell you, it’s unlike anything else in the area!! I cannot wait to show you guys what it looks like when it’s finished!!





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