April 24, 2019

Taylor and Matthew | Seven Hills Farm Wedding

Today’s wedding is one for the books! I’ve gone back and forth whether to make it two posts or one, and when I should post and whatnot. I’ve decided to lay it all out on one post and I do hope that you keep with me until the end, because it will be worth it. This may seem long, but it is the condensed version. I promise!

Today, meet Taylor and Matthew. You may remember them from their engagement session, which you can see here. I’ve known Taylor now for several years as she’s been in a wedding of mine before. It was on that wedding that I knew whenever her day came, she would choose me to be her photographer. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of someone choosing you before they’re engaged, let alone dating anyone!! Taylor and Matthew met, and I’m pretty sure on their first date, they knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Upon meeting Matthew, I knew they were a perfect fit and I love how they welcomed me together.

I met up with Taylor and Matthew about a year and a half ago to chat about their 2018 wedding. Taylor had originally considered eloping, but with illness in her family, she knew she had to have a real wedding for her Dad as he had been diagnosed with cancer. The months leading up to the wedding were on track until I found out that September day that her dad had passed. I wept. I knew how important he was not only to her, but everyone that he came into contact with. I also knew that this was going to be one of the most emotional wedding days that I have ever been a part of. And I was right, but in many more ways than I would have even imagined.

The day came for Taylor and Matthew to say their vows (for the second time, since they actually were able to be officially married at her dad’s bedside before passing). The forecast was terrible for the majority of the day, but said it would clear up around 2-3pm that afternoon. Awesome, just in time for the ceremony. But. That. Never. Happened. It flooded literally all day and didn’t even break until maybe 30 minutes to an hour before leaving the reception. If you’re a bride, then you can imagine how much this would throw off your day. However, Taylor was calm and let the thought of rain ruining her day roll off her back. She knew then that the most important thing was to be married and that everything else would find it’s place in time. Taylor and Matthew moved their ceremony from under a canopy of beautiful oak trees to the inside of a beautiful barn, which is where the reception would be held anyway. Their ceremony, was by far one of the most moving ceremonies that I’ve experienced. I know that God is front and center in these two lives, but I did not know how that would translate in their ceremony. These two were showered with prayer from all of the guests in the beginning of the ceremony, would enter into communion with one another, which was followed by worship. I’m honestly not even sure how I have any images in focus as the tears fell down my face from witnessing the beauty that was unfolding in front of me. It still brings tears to my eyes today thinking on this. You knew Taylor’s father was missed and there were tears shed for him, but you knew that he was also there in spirit with her. I told Taylor that there wasn’t anyone else that I would have rather experienced that day with, with nothing going to plan than with her, to which she replied that she realized what was important because of all she went through in the months leading up.

It was early in the day on that rainy December day that we made the plan to meet back up for Taylor and Matthew’s bridal portraits. Up until that point, in well over 100 weddings, I’ve never had a wedding day completely rained out. I’ve had rain on wedding days, and that the show can go on as expected for the most part, but this left us with little choice. However, by taking our time to schedule the reshoot, Taylor and Matthew was blessed with the most perfect day!! We had cooler temps, just as she wanted and ended our day with a gorgeous sunset. It was honestly, one of the most amazing things…to be able to shoot bridals on a separate day than their wedding. We took our time and enjoyed each other’s company. We were not rushed to do anything and ultimately were able to get the images that she had hoped for…if not more!!

Taylor and Matthew, thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to be on this journey with you! I know this has not been the easiest road, but your story is inspiring and I know Mike is so proud of you both!! I love your precious family dearly!!





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