June 6, 2019

Bailey and Josh | Bienville Engagement Session

Hey gang! I know I say excited and stoked pretty much all the time, but seriously today, I am so stoked to share this engagement session with y’all! It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure! Today, finally meet Bailey and Josh and their two part engagement session!!

It all started back in March. We had planned on a Sunday afternoon for Bailey and Josh’s engagement session at Bienville Plantation. However, God had other plans for us. When you think spring engagement session, you think perfect weather, beautiful light…yeah, we had none of that. But what I did have was these sweethearts! The forecast, if I remember correctly, was calling for less than 40% chance of rain, and so I kind of wondered the days leading up to this day, if it would actually rain. I say that, because 1. it’s FLORIDA, 2. I’ve seen no rain on 100% forecast and torrential downpours at 20%…so….?? Bailey and Josh decided to prepare for the shoot in spite of the forecast. I’m surprised that they wanted to try anyway since not everyone is always up for shooting in the rain. Honestly though, I’m so glad they wanted to hang out in the rain for a few minutes. We shot for a little bit and got to know each other a little bit, which honestly, made our second session even better. After we captured a few good shots, we decided that we would meet up so that they could have a dry, full engagement session! Our second session could not have been any more opposite! There was NO rain and the most gorgeous light…but it was also H.O.T!!! I know, you’re probably like, “Holly…it’s Florida,” but guys, it’s been unseasonably warmer than normal. But hey, I’ll take all the sweat and heat in exchange for the beautiful afternoon that we had!! Make sure to scroll through and see the differences for yourself! I love these sessions equally though, myself. I love the moody, rainy day as much as the sunny, beautiful day. We had fun both days and we created memories!

Bailey and Josh, I absolutely cannot wait for your October wedding!! It’s been a pleasure spending this time with y’all!!





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