March 4, 2020

Bree and Darren | Quail Branch Lodge Wedding

Friends, let’s be real. If there was ever a wedding to kick off the start of a new year – it’s this one! From the time that I began talking to Bree about her wedding to the time of the actual wedding was about two years!! That time went by slow and fast all at the same time, but I was so excited when her day was finally here! If you need a reminder of who Bree and Darren are, check out their Quail Branch Lodge engagement session here. Honestly, it’s one of my all time favorite sessions, so it’s definitely worth checking out!!

This was one of the biggest weddings that I’ve had the pleasure of documenting in quite some time. From the guest list, to the bridal party and everything in between – there was so many good things going on. With that also came so many great moments of tears. [You really should know by now that I am a s-u-c-k-e-r for tears on a wedding day] They didn’t come from just one or two people, but so many people…and it was fantastic! First look[s] tears, gift giving tears, family tears, dancing tears – just tears all around. There were so many unique and special moments happening on this day, it just brought on all the feels for everyone involved. Two of my favorite pieces of this day: 1. all things BREE – because well, look at her. Her dress – perfection, her hair and makeup – bombshell, I seriously just cannot. I’m one hundred percent sure that dress was designed specifically with her in mind and nobody else who gets that exact dress will ever come close to topping it [sorry]. Also, I just want to wear her dress around for the day, mmmkay?! And 2. Darren’s dance with his sister. Darren’s mom had passed a few years ago, so I knew this day would cause tears to be shed, but I was not ready for this dance. You see, the song that played, had voicemails intertwined in them from Darren’s mom. I’m choking up just reflecting back on this moment. Seriously, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and when it was all said and done, you literally could’ve heard a pin drop from the silence. This moment was one of the most beautiful and dare I say, powerful/reflective moments that I’ve been able to witness.

Once all the tears were had, Bree and her dad laid it on us with the most memorable father/daughter dance I have ever seen – a 9 minute choreographed masterpiece, which also involved her bridesmaids and new husband. I’m seriously quite impressed with this group and their skills!

After all is said and done, these two had one of the most unique days that I’ve seen or been a part of! Bree and Darren, thank you so much for inviting me into your lives! I adore the mess out of both of you and am thankful to have been with you on the most important day of your life!! I am honored to have seen you commit your lives to one another!! Love you both!



PS – Bree, I will always be a plus one for any 80’s concert you want to attend!!

Making It All Happen:

Venue: Quail Branch Lodge

Photographer: Me! Holly Frazier Photography

Videographer: D Norwood Photography

DJ: Chuck, DJ Salt Life

Decor: Sarah Dohrn Events

Makeup: Alissa and Crew for Your I Do

Bridal Dress and Formalwear: OML Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Invitations: Zener Designs

Hair: Nick Adams

Cakes: Cakes by Callista

Groom’s Cake: Amy Strickland

Florist: Southern Occasions



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