June 5, 2018

Erin and Trey | St. Ambrose Wedding

This Spring wedding season has been amazing and a little different! This season, I had the honor of traveling over to St. Augustine on multiple occasions to see three lovely couples exchange wedding vows. All three weddings couldn’t be anymore different, too! First up is Erin and Trey!

Erin and Trey’s wedding was held in a tiny town just outside of St. Augustine called Elkton. You may have never heard of it, just as I hadn’t either. In fact, when following the GPS I almost was worried that it was lying to me since I was driving out in the middle of nowhere. However, as I turned onto my last road, it was obvious I was right where I was supposed to be! Out of nowhere, this beautiful tree lined road leads you to the quaintest church grounds! Oak trees surround the sweet little chapel and other buildings on the property. It was probably one of the most charming churches I’ve ever seen. This day was the first day that I actually was able to meet both Erin and Trey as they live in Memphis! Though I did not have a chance to meet them prior to their wedding day, it had not effect on how their day went! They were both comfortable with me and in front of my camera and we just had the best day together!

Erin made the perfect woodland bride with her gorgeous bouquet and floral crown! She was a laid back bride and that beautiful smile never left her face! She and Trey decided on a first look since they were having a later ceremony and it was perfect! I’m so glad they chose to see each other before they walked down the aisle. First looks are one of my most favorite parts of a wedding day! I love when couples do these as it allows them more time together on the most important day of their lives. Erin and Trey’s wedding day was so unique and special! They had a couple of food trucks at their reception, and I had a fantastic quesadilla. I’m pretty sure having Mexican Food at your reception or in my presence is one way to become my best friend. I knew from earlier in the day when hanging out with the guys that Trey was a musician, so it was no surprised to me that he sang a song during the reception. However, I was then stunned to know that his beautiful bride was also a singer and got up and sang a song herself! This beautiful couple is seriously talented!!

Erin and Trey, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this very special day! It was such a pleasure getting to know you both!! Wishing you all the best!!








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