June 7, 2018

Morgan and Nick | St. Augustine Beach Wedding

Remember how I was telling you the other day about three back to back to back St. Augustine weddings and how they were all three different?! Well, here we go! Wedding number two, and it’s a beach one!! Today is all about Morgan and Nick!!

I’m excited to share this precious day with y’all!! Morgan and Nick chose to have a destination wedding at St. Augustine Beach. What they didn’t know while planning it was exactly how much of a destination it would actually end up being. They began planning their wedding while living in Gainesville, however, during the wedding planning process, they ended up moving to California! Talk about a change! So, they kept their plans the same and moved on with the planning. This couple also ended up having one busy weekend as they flew in from Cali, attended Nick’s PhD graduation (!!!) and then a wedding. Not to mention spending quality time with their families from out of town. Morgan and Nick’s wedding day was so completely relaxed and really just about the people and the moments. Morgan’s sister in law did her makeup and officiated! They all stayed at one big beach house. And I just loved it! We had about 45 minutes or so of rain before the ceremony, but Morgan was just completely chill and it was no big deal. The rain ended right on time to begin the ceremony and down to the dunes we went! Although, they may have still even gotten married in the rain! I wouldn’t have been opposed to that! We had portraits on the beach, which were beautiful – there was absolutely no sun, but honestly, I think I may have preferred it that way. The day was a little moody, but I think it was perfect! Morgan and Nick’s reception was just down from the ceremony spot at Salt Life. There they spent time soaking up their family and friends on the roof top! It was quite the view! Seriously, I cannot think of a more relaxed, go with the flow day. It was perfect!

Morgan and Nick, thank you so much for having me out for your lovely day! It was such a pleasure spending the afternoon with y’all!! You guys are the best!






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